Starring the Computer is a website dedicated to the use of computers in film and television. Each appearance is catalogued and rated on its importance (ie. how important it is to the plot), realism (how close its appearance and capabilities are to the real thing) and visibility (how good a look does one get of it). Fictional computers don't count (unless they are built out of bits of real computer), so no HAL9000 - sorry.

Please let me know if you spot any mistakes, or have any tips about films not mentioned here that feature computers.

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2020-09-20 17:41 Godzilla 2000
Godzilla 2000 has quite a collection of appearances including Apple iMac G3s, a Apple Power Macintosh G3, a Sony Vaio C1, SGI Indys and, making its Starring-the-Computer debut, the Compaq Presario 5100.
2020-09-13 20:07 Some Commodores, some Apples an IMSAI and a Tandy
Tumbledown has a Commodore 64, a season 5 episode of Grange Hill has a Commodore PET and Black Fire has an Apple IIe. Next are two episodes of "The Greatest American Hero" - Operation Spoilsport has an Apple III and Classical Gas has a Tandy TRS-80 Model III. And finally, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead has an IMSAI 8080.
2020-09-06 14:05 Missing Bits
All of the following are computers I missed on the first viewing. The Hunt for Red October as a Zenith Supersport right at the beginning. Airplane II: The Sequel has a number of Tandy TRS-80 Model IIIs. Revenge of the Nerds has a poster of a Franklin Ace 1000. I missed a number of Apple computers in Independence Day: the Macintosh II/IIx, the Macintosh IIvi/IIvx and the Macintosh LC. And finally Terminator Genisys has a Starring-the-Computer debutante - the Miltope RLC-3G.
2020-08-23 16:33 Laptops and Portables, Old and New
Swordfish has three debutantes, the Dell Inspiron 4000, Dell Latitude LS and Dell PowerEdge 2550, and also a Panasonic Toughbook. Knives Out has two machines new to the database, the Acer Chromebook 11 and Lenovo ThinkPad T61, and also has roles for a Apple iMac G5 and the Tandy TRS-80 Model I. Straight Outta Compton has a small role for a Compaq LTE 5000, and Speed 2: Cruise Control has shots of the NEC VERSA 6000. More of a luggable than a laptop, there is a Compaq Portable in Price of Vengeance, and there is the equally lap-crushing Kaypro II in Field of Dreams, along with a NEC PowerMate 1. No More Dirty Deals has the Outbound Notebook (and the Apple Macintosh SE), and finally City of Industry offers two Apple Powerbooks, the 180 and the 5300.
2020-08-09 16:58 Hanna Season 2
Several machines appear in the second season of Hanna. There's a Apple Macbook Air in Safe, and a Microsoft Surface in The List. The Alienware 17 R5 makes its debut in The Trial and the Dell OptiPlex 790 SFF also debuts in Tacitus.
2020-07-30 15:51 A European Quartet.
From France, L'ordinateur des pompes funèbres has a HP 9830. From Greece, Mania has a Sanyo BMC-555. From Poland, Krótki film o milosci has brief shot of the Amstrad CPC 6128. And finally, from the Netherlands, the "Flodder" episode Computerkoorts has a pair of Apple Macintosh LCs.
2020-07-19 20:50 Halt and Catch Fire, Season 1
As you might expect, Season 1 of "Halt and Catch Fire" has plenty of interest. Episode 1: IBM PC XT, Tandy TRS-80 Model III, Zenith Z-120. Episode 3: Compaq Portable, Osborne Executive, Tandy TRS-80 Model 100. Episode 4: IBM 5110 (making its debut appearance), IBM PC XT, Zenith Z-120. Episode 6: Atari 600/800 XL. Episode 9: Apple Macintosh.
2020-07-12 16:33 360 + 370
Two films with IBM mainframe computers: The Treasure of Jamaica Reef with the System/360 and Embryo with the System/370.
2020-06-28 00:18 Generation SGI
Generation P has a couple of Apple laptops (a Powerbook 540c and a Powerbook G4), but of more interest are two SGI machines making thei Starring-the-Computer debut: the Octane and the Origin 2000.
2020-06-14 16:16 More New Laptops
All of the following include a laptop making its first Starring-the-Computer appearance. The first episode of The IT Crowd's season four has a Lenovo Thinkpad SL500. The Sum of All Fears has a Casio Cassiopeia E-100 (that we've seen before) and then two debutantes, the Casio Cassiopeia EG-800 and the Dell Latitude C500. The HP nr3600 makes its first appearance in Transformers, along with a Apple Powerbook G4 and a HP Pavilion DV1000. And finally, Man About Town finds another Apple laptop we've not yet encountered - the Apple Powerbook 1400, along with the more familiar Apple iMac G5 and Apple Powerbook G4.