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Ways to help

I'd very much appreciate your helping in making the best it can be.

Something missing?

You can help me by letting me know if there is any movie or TV program with a computer in it that I don't already know about. Apart from the appearances listed here I have a (rather disorganised) list of pending features that you should check before mailing me.

Honourable mentions

The following films do not appear on the site because I believe the computers they feature are mock ups and therefore do not qualify. If you have concrete evidence that those machines are real, or are made from identifiable parts of other machines then do feel free to get in touch!

The Desk Set
Although it uses IBM tape drives, this machine is just a mock up.
The Cray-like machine appears to be a mock up.

Most wanted

Can you identify any of the machines in these pictures? If so, please get in touch!