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2016-09-03 14:25 Univac 9400
The second episode of the short-lived 1970s drama series Scorpion Tales offers Starring the Computer its first view of a Sperry Univac 9400. Thanks to Jim for the tip off.
2016-08-14 00:11 Three New Ones
Darkman III has a bunch of Commodore Amiga 3000s, but also a Starring-the-Computer newcomer, a Toshiba T4800C. Also, two episodes of Due South feature computers that have not appeared on the site before: a Sharp YO-6x0 in The Promise and a HP 85 in The Edge.
2016-07-19 00:26 A Mac in the Dollhouse
Welcome to the Dollhouse has a small but solid role for an Apple Macintosh Plus.
2016-06-17 21:10 Apple In June
Let's have a bunch of Apples in June. Liar Liar has an Apple Powerbook 5300 and a Power Macintosh 7X00/G3 desktop, The Big Easy has a Macintosh, The Princess Diaries has a Clamshell iBook G3 and a Powerbook G3 as does Teknolust, The Adventures of RoboRex has a iMac G4, and Iron Man 2 has an Apple Macbook.
2016-04-29 23:46 Bendix G-15
It's always good to find really early examples of computer in films, so I'd like to thank Jim who spotted Starring-the-Computer's first Bendix G-15 in an episode of Science Fiction Theatre from 1956.
2016-03-31 22:05 MacGyver's PC
Season 2 of MacGyver is liberally sprinkled with AT&T PC 6300s.
2016-02-24 01:10 Franklin Poirot
The Hercule Poirot mystery Murder In Three Acts has a small role for a Franklin Ace 1000.
2016-02-17 00:31 Cross My Palms
Little Black Book features two Palm PDA computers, both making the Starring-the-Computer debut. There is a Zire 71 and, in a critical role, a Tungsten C. Thanks to Kasey for the tip.
2016-02-07 17:39 A pair of Archimedes
Acorn Archimedes computers makes appearances in the children's TV show Watt on Earth and in the film Strapless, where a IBM PC AT also makes an appearance.
2016-01-29 00:52 The Bourne iPAQ
The final Starring-the-Computer debutante for the month of January is the HP iPAQ H5500 which makes a brief but important appearance in The Bourne Supremacy.
2016-01-23 21:51 More January Newbies
A Pig Too Far, an episode of St. Elsewhere, gives Starring the Computer its first Otrona Attache (also a Tandy TRS-80 Model), Alchemy has two new Dells for the site, a XPS Gen 2 and a Inspiron 510m, and Kung Fury as a very important and equally silly role for Starring-the-Computer debutante Applied Technologies MicroBee 32 (and also features a Sinclair Research ZX Spectrum and a Apple Macintosh SE).
2016-01-16 22:19 Newbies for January
Think I'm going to stick to Starring the Computer debutantes for January. Ice Princess has an important role for Dell Inspiron 5150 (and the oft-mentioned Apple Powerbook G4). In Your Wildest Dreams also kicks off a computer's Starring-the-Computer career with an important role, the DECsystem 5500.
2016-01-06 23:55 New Year, Old Computer
The CDC 3800 gives Starring the Computer a good start to the new year, making its debut appearance thanks to a crucial role in an episode of Columbo. Thanks to Chuck for letting me know about this one.
2015-12-24 09:55 Christmas Commodores
There are Commodore 64s in War Dog, Choose Me, Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince Goodbye Earth and Longmire Tell It Slant. 984: Prisoner of the Future has a number of Commodore PET 2001 systems and, finally for this festive round up, No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers has a number of Commodore Amiga 2000s.
2015-11-27 10:33 TI-99/4A
The Texas Instruments TI-99/4A feels like an obvious omission from the site, but that's now fixed thanks to an appearance in the Riptide episode The Orange Grove.
2015-11-26 17:33 A 370 and a 120
An IBM System/370 plays a pivotal role in the Partridge Family episode Forgive Us Our Debits (thanks to John for reporting this appearance). The HP 120 has a very fleeting appearance in The Lift, but it is its Starring-the-Computer debut.
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