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Apple Powerbook 5300

This was Apple's first laptop to feature a PowerPC processor. It was dogged with problems, not least with the battery and has often been considered amongst Apple's worst products of all time.

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Free Willy 3: The Rescue (1997)

Jessie uses the Powerbook 5300c to create a sound similar to whale-song to attract Willy. Later they discover Willy's mate is pregnant by measuring her heartbeat with the Apple.

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Importance: ***
The crew of the whaling boat steal the Powerbook-created sound to lure Willy into range of their harpoons.

Realism: ****
Visibility: ***

Independence Day (1996)

David uses the Powerbook to display the coundown to the alien attack, and later to infect the alien mothership with a virus, disabling the attackers' defenses..

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Importance: *****
The alien ships have indestructible shields. David's virus, delivered by the Powerbook, allows a successful attack.

Realism: *
Let's face it - it's one on the sillier movie plots involving a computer, isn't it!

Visibility: ****