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The 8E was the most popular of Digital Equipments highly successful PDP8 minicomputer. Until the rise of the microcomputer in the late 1970s, the PDP 8 was the world's best selling computer.

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Three Days of the Condor (1975)

The 8 appears at the beginning of the film in Jospeh's office where it appears to be scanning and processing text documents.

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Importance: **
Realism: ***
Text processing is reasonable enough, but the scanner (and presumably OCR) are a little far fetched.

Visibility: ****

The Tower (1985)

The PDP-8 is the building's main computer system.

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Importance: ****
The PDP-8 tries to wrest control of the building from Lola by asserting a fail-safe condition, but Lola overrides this.

Realism: **
Visibility: ***