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IBM Portable Personal Computer in Deutschland 83 - Season 1, Episode 3, "Atlantic Lion" (2016)

Overcoming a Comecon embargo, the East Germans get hold of an IBM Portable PC 5155 (which they call an IBM 567) to try to access a disc containing a NATO report on a possible nuclear strike, but find its contents are encrypted.

Importance: *****
Realism: ***
The PC 5155 was released in 1984, this is set in 1983.

Visibility: ***




Year of feature (shown above)


Looks like it is running either cassette BASIC, Disk BASIC or BASICA with a simple program running.
2016-10-17 08:59


The BASIC program shown generates 64 random five digit numbers in six columns, i.e. the "encrypted" contents of the disk we just saw.
2017-04-09 22:35