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English Electric System 4 in Hot Millions (1968)

A System 4 console is used to program the M505 computer.

Importance: ****
Realism: ***
Visibility: **




Year of feature (shown above)


this system 4 machine is a leo3
2011-08-15 18:20


this system 4 machine is a leo3
2017-07-26 13:07


Well spotted! I'll add a separate entry for the LEO 3.
2011-08-15 18:36


I was a System 4 operator for many years, originally with English Electric Leo Marconi which became English Electric Computers which became ICL. I eventually became a freelance op and worked for many different companies on many different versions of System 4 machines starting with its predecessor, the RCA Spectra. I mention all this because, in all that time (12 years), I never saw (or heard of) a console with a VDU as shown in your picture - they all had teletext-style consoles. (The label above the keyboard looks authentic though).
2013-01-04 23:00


The VDU shown looks like an early Cosser display,ICL used these as remote terminals in the mid to late 60s.The console control panel is Leo 3.the label looks like a paper copy of an English Electric one used in the mid 60s.
2013-02-24 20:16

Fred Whittaker

I don’t know the machine in the picture but it is not a system 4. MGM were refused the system 4 by me in 1968 when their producers came to Minerva rd to select a machine for the movie. They got a LEO perhaps?
2020-09-13 13:54