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Tandy 1000SX/TX in Fame - Season 6, Episode 23, "Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore" (1987)

Gordon uses the school's computer, a Tandy 1000SX, to run a frog dissection program because he cannot bring himself to dissect a real frog.

Importance: ***
Realism: *****
Visibility: ***




Year of feature (shown above)


This is a Tandy SX, not a TX. It's the version with the optional second 5.25-inch floppy-drive. The TX had one 720 KB 3.5-inch drive, and could be equipped with an optional second 5.25-inch floppy-drive. The TX was not an upgrade to the SX, it had a complete redesigned motherboard. But they had the same case, were memebres of the same family (1000-series) and were presented on the same day.
2011-03-09 23:41