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Kaypro 10 in Magnum, P.I. - Season 5, Episode 12, "Little Games" (1985)

Krista uses a Kaypro to defeat the security system of a jewelry company the she is testing. The Dracos 3 computer at Robin's Nest also uses a Kaypro keyboard.

Importance: ***
Realism: ***
Visibility: **




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I just noticed... that Dracos 3 Kaypro keyboard is not even plugged into anything. (wireless? ;) The Dracos 3 seems to get an "upgrade" in season 7 ("Paper War") because the Kaypro keyboard is replaced with an IBM PC/XT keyboard.
2013-03-05 08:01


More irrelevant trivia... in season 6, the Dracos 3 has a Kaypro 16 keyboard. So, it went from Kaypro 10 to Kaypro 16 (white keys) to IBM PC/XT. That Dracos 3 has quite a keyboard compatibility feature. (...maybe that's why it costs "$100,000" ;)
2013-05-20 20:39


In the season 6 episode "Mad Dogs and Englishmen", the Dracos 3 has an Amiga 1000 keyboard. (again, not plugged in) So that makes four keyboards for the Dracos 3.
2017-07-26 13:23