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Compaq Portable in Airwolf - Season 2, Episode 3, "Moffett's Ghost" (1984)

Dr Hanson uses the Compaq in her attempts to fix Airwolf, and to finds a tracking device in the machine left for her by Archangel.

Importance: ****
Realism: ****
There appears to be a video message stored on a floppy disk.

Visibility: ****




Year of feature (shown above)

Mark J.Cairns

As much as I absolutely adore the MOFFETT'S GHOST episode, T.S. Cook's vision of using video on disk-based media was indeed well ahead of its time (he's a great writer though), however we all know those original 5.25" discs couldn't hold jack sh*t. Even today's algorithm wonders that are the H264 or Flash video codecs could never compress down a full-screen (albeit it a portable analogue one) video message like this onto a 1st gen "floppy". It was pandering to complete ignorance of the mid-80s masses back then that didn't have access to even this kind of technology then. I think you've marked up the "Realism" factor a little too far on this occasion. A 1..2 would be closer.
2012-10-08 19:55