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Commodore PET 3000/4000 series in Ashes to Ashes (2008)

DCI Gene Hunt has a PET in his office, but only ever uses it to play games.

Importance: **
Realism: *****
Visibility: ***




Year of feature (shown above)


That looks like a later 8000 series to me. (also looks like the newer plastic model rather than the earlier metal ones)
2009-10-23 22:20

Mad Iccy

That was actually My Commodore..... the Production Company bought it from me on Ebay acouple of years ago...and yes it is an 8000 series although I can't remember exactly which one off hand.
2010-05-05 21:50

Paul Potter

That's not an 8000 series. It's most likely a 4000. You can tell by the larger keypad.
2012-06-18 18:30


CBM 8000 series have keyboards similar to this. I'm positive since I've developed for 8032 just recently. (: The front panel looks like it's missing the model tag, and it's lower than 8032. Deciding on the measurements it looks like 8096.
2015-10-21 09:07