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Acorn Archimedes

This was Acorn's first computer built around their own ARM 32-bit processor (which went on to dominate the PDA/phone market). Released in 1987, it was the first 32-bit RISC machine available for the home market and was considerably more powerful than its 68000-based competitors..

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Dark Season - Season 1 (1991)

Posing as an Abyss computer, the Archie is in the classroom and the children use it to hack into Eldrich's files.

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Importance: *****
Realism: **
The graphical abilities of the machine are right, but it also seems to have wireless networking and human/computer "symbiosis".

Visibility: ****

Paddington (2014)

With the help of Mr Brown, Paddington breaks into the Guild of Geographers to discover the name of the explorer using their rather strange filing system controlled by Acorn Archimedes computers.

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Importance: ***
Realism: ****
The Archimedes is rather venerable by 2014, but then the Guild of Geographers seems to be fond of idiosyncratic technology.

Visibility: ****

Strapless (1989)

After her mysterious man goes missing, Lillian hunts down his former partner and their son. The boy plays computer games in the garden on an Archimedes.

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Importance: **
Realism: ****
The machine does not appear to be switched on.

Visibility: **