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Burroughs B205 in Lost in Space (1965)

B205s, or their consoles at least, appear all over the place, both in Mission Control and on board the Jupiter 2.

Importance: ***
Realism: **
Well only the consoles are visible, not the whole machine, but the bigger issue is that this is supposed to be set in 1997. I don't see a B205 running Windows 95!

Visibility: ****




Year of feature (shown above)


That's "Alpha Control", not Mission Control....
2015-07-18 17:32


This hardware also appeared in the Batcave of the 1966-68 "Batman" TV series. Both "Batman" and "Lost In Space" were produced by 20th Century Fox, so that may have been the reason the Burroughs B-205 appeared in both series.
2022-09-13 23:52